Meet the training team

The Structured Teaching Programme is organised and facilitated by your friendly Stockport GP Program Educator Team.  We form one of the programs of the South Academy of the GP Specialist Training School of the North Western Deanery.  For more details see the NW Deanery website:

Associate Director             Tom Howling

Tom has overall responsibility for all the GP training in four programmes of the South Academy including Stockport.  He is also a GP trainer at Brinnington in Stockport and a previous GP course organiser in Stockport.

Programme Director          Bonny Needham

Bonny is responsible for the coordination of the Stockport GP training program over the three specialist training years and also oversees the Foundation Year 2 placements in GP.  She has also been part of the Stockport GP Educator team for 10 years.  Bonny needs to know if you want to take study leave – she controls your study allowances.  She also needs to know if you have any special circumstances.  Bonny also organises the GP trainer and training practice quality assurance process in Stockport, coordinates allocation of trainees to training practices and liaises with Stockport Foundation Trust over the GP training posts in hospital.

Primary Care Medical Educator             Rachel Tomalin

Rachel takes the lead in organising the ST1/2 structured teaching programme which runs on a Tuesday afternoon.  She is a GP Partner at Cale Green Surgery.

Primary Care Medical Educator             Adam Firth  

Adam joined the team in 2014 having been appointed as a PCME to work with Tom and Rachel.  He facilitates the ST3 structured teaching program which runs on a Tuesday morning and also provides sessions for ST2 trainees preparing for the AKT.